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The Project Of Cengkareng-Kunciran Toll Accelerates Community Discussion and Socialization Of Land Acquisition

Info Toll (20/6): The Project of Cengkareng-Batu Ceper-Kunciran Toll Road starts acceleration. The Land Acquisition Team (in Bahasa: TPT) and Land Acquisition Committee (in Bahasa: P2T) of Tangerang Cityconducted another community discussion on price compensation and procedure socialization for the construction of Cengkareng-­Batuceper-Kunciran in three Muncipalities of Cipete, Poris Plawad and Kunciran Jaya on Wednesday (12/6).

During the discussion inMunicipality of Cipete and Poris Plawad, District of Cipondoh, andMunicipality of Kunciran Jaya, the TPT and P2T along with gove