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Jasa Marga's Finance Director, Reynaldi Hermansjah (Left), received the awad for Jasa Marga on IICD Corporate Governance Conference and Award 2012 ini Jakarta, late Thursday (22/11).

Info Toll (26/11): After receiving the Education Care Award for SOE category, Jasa Marga received another award of Best Corporate Governance for the category of Best Equitable Treatment of Shareholders from Indonesian Institute for Corporate Directorship (IICD). The award was given in The 4th IICD Corporate Governance Conference and Award 2012 at Kempinski Hotel, Jakarta, on Thursday (22/11).

Therefore, Jasa Marga received IICD award for 2 (two) consecutive years, where Jasa Marga received the Corporate Governance Award in 2011, The Best Most Improved” in IICD CG Conference and Award 2011.

The event of IICD is an assessment of Corporate Management using the perspective of ASEAN Corporate Governance, applicable for open corporations in Southeast Asia.

In addition to Jasa Marga, the company receiving he similar award category is PT Semen Gresik Tbk. While the category of Best Role of Stakeholders is received by PT Astra International Tbl (ASII) and PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk (UNVR).

Meanwhile, the other categories are Best Corporate Governance Overall, Best Corporate Governance from Financial and Non Financial Sectors,  Best Corporate Governance from State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), Best Corporate Governance on Responsibility of the Boards, Best Corporate Governance on Disclosure and Transparency,  Best Corporate Governance on Best Role of Stakeholders and Best Corporate Governance for Newly Listed Companies*** (Komper/Foto : Anang)

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Friday, 23 November 2012 16:07

Jasa Marga Wins the Education Award 2012

Info Toll (23/11): Jasa Marga won the Education Award 2012, presented by Minister of Education and Culture in Jakarta, Thursday (22/11).

In that event, 29 awards were given to various parties who have contributed in developing Indonesia's education in 2012. The number of Education Award receivers in 2012 is higher than 2011 and 2010, which only had 23 receivers. This shows that more society elements, companies and government institution are giving attention towards national education.

Jasa Marga, together with Pertamina Regional VII, Exxonmobil Indonesia, Pocari Sweat (PT Amerta Indah Otsuka), BNI Syariah, PT Antam and Unilever received the awards in the company or SOE category.

Jasa Marga's involvement in education is shown through education aid, which was given as a solution for various social problems, especially in the field of education. The education aids were given in the form of: reparation of school building, supporting facilities and infrastructures for learning and teaching activities, and scholarship program.

Since 2011, Jasa Marga also actively educates the road safety through the publishing of "I Obey Traffic Rules". Through this book, Jasa Marga conducts an early socialization and education of traffic order. These books have been disseminated to 30,000 elementary schools around the toll road. However, Jasa Marga will continue the distribution of this book to all regions in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, other award receivers are divided in category of Ministry or Government Institution, City or Regency Administration, category of Non Profit Organization or Society Community, Individual category or Education Innovator and category of best TV Program.(Komper/Foto:Anang)

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President Director of PT TJP, Hengki Herwanto, (right), was talking to community leaders during the socialization of construction project of Gempol-Pasuruan (Gempas) toll road, in Pasuruan, last Monday (19/11). PT TJP has completed 82% of land acquisition process for Gempas Toll Road section I, and is expected to be 100% completed in the end of December 2012. (Photo : Rudi Poerwanto) (21/11): Progress of Land Acquisition for Gempol-Pasuruan Section I Toll Road has reached 82%. PT Transmarga Jatim Pasuruan (TJP), the Gempol-Pasuruan operating company is preparing to start the construction of the toll road.

To facilitate the construction of Gempol-Pasuruan Section I Toll Road, TJP held a gathering and introduction event, and socialize those toll roads by inviting the community leaders whose area will be passed by Gempol-Pasuruan Section I Toll Road, consisting of Head of District, Sub-District/Village and Village Secretary from 14 villages and 4 districts in Pasuruan Regency.

The event that was held in a restaurant in Pasuruan last Monday (19/11) was going well in a very friendly atmosphere. In that opportunity, PT TJP also introduced the contractor who will build Gempol-Pasuruan Section I Toll Road, PT Adhikarya and PT Waskita Karya. According to President Director of PT TJP, Hengki Herwanto, usually before starting a toll road construction, we visit each Head of Village or District one by one to informally ask for permission (kulonuwun), “To make it efficient, and more friendly, we think it is better to gather together in one place and have a nice conversation there,” said Hengki.

Hengki also informed areas in which the land is not 100% acquired yet. "We expect that in the end of December, all region that will be passed by Gempol-Pasuruan Section I Road, had been 100% acquired," as stated by the Director who were once the Corporate Secretary of Jasa Marga.

PT TJP also provides incentives to two Head of Villages whose areas have been 100% acquired. The amount is 500 thousand for each Head of Villages. "For other Head of Villages, we also will treat you with the same incentives, if the land in your area has been 100% acquired in the end of December," offered Hengki.  This offer was welcomed by the Head of Village and District. Hengki also invited the Head of Sub-District and District to come to the contract-signing event of Gempol-Pasuruan Toll Road construction at 7 December.

PT TJP is the subsidiary of PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk, who owned 90% shares, and the rest 10% is owned by PT Jatim Marga Utama (East Java Provincial Owned Enterprise). PT TJP will operate Gemplo-Pasuruan toll road for 36.15 km, from Gempol to Grati (Pasuruan). This toll road is part of the Trans Java Toll Road.*** (Source: Roedi Poerwanto-PT Transmarga Jatim Pasuruan)

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Gerbang Tol Cibatu siap melayani pengguna jalan tol yang akan menuju kawasan Industri di daerah Cikarang. Akses simpang susun yang berada di Jalan Tol Jakarta-Cikampek km 34 + 700 ini, diharapkan dapat dipergunakan pada November 2012.

Dengan dioperasikan Gerbang Tol ini, diharapkan akan mengurai antrian dan kepadatan di Gerbang Tol Cikarang Barat dan Cikarang Timur. ***(sumber : humas Jak-pek)

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Wednesday, 14 November 2012 13:35


Analyst as of Desember 2013
No. Sekuritas Analyst
1 AAA Securities Carrel Mulyana
2 Bahana Sekuritas Natalia Sutanto
Salman Fajari Alamsyah
3 Bank of America Merril Lynch Chong Wee Lee
4 Ciptadana Sekuritas Kris Jonan
5 CLSA Sarina Lesmina
6 Credit Suisse Ella Nusantoro
7 Danareksa Chandra S Pasaribu
8 DBS Vicker Paul Yong
Deidy Wijaya
9 Deutsche Bank Jovin Ng
Rachman Koeswanto
10 Goldman Sach Miang Chuen Koh
Lincoln Kong
Ishan Sethi
11 Indo Premier Maxi Liesyaputra
12 Kim Eng Securities Pandu Anugrah
13 Mandiri Sekuritas Handoko Wijoyo
14 Nomura Andi Lesmana
Isnaputra Iskandar
15 Samuel Sekuritas Adrianus Bias Prasuryo
16 Sucorindoinvest Gifar Indra Sakti
17 UBS Tim Alamsyah
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Friday, 09 November 2012 06:06

JSMR Share on Stock Index

JSMR Share on National Stock Index (Indonesia Stock Exchange)


is the index published by Indonesia Stock Exchange that consists of 45 issuers with high liquidity, and is selected with several criteria. In addition to liquidity, selection of those issuers is based on market capitalization. Indonesia Stock Exchange routinely monitors the performance improvement of LG45 index's issuers. Every three month, the movement of stocks rank is evaluated. The share replacement is conducted every six months, which is on February and August.

JSMR share is listed in this index since 30 January 2009 (for the period of February-July 2012) and remains to be listed until today.


JII (Jakarta Islamic Index)

Shariah shares that become the constituent of JII consists of 30 shares that are the most liquid shariah shares and have a big market capitalization. Indonesia Stock Exchange serves as the institution who issued the JII index review for every 6 month (May and November), adjusted with the period of DES publication by Bapepam & LK.

JSMR share is listed in JII index since 30 May 2012 (for the period of June-November 2012) and still listed until today.



PT Bursa Efek Indonesia (Indonesia Stock Exchange), together with Kompas newspaper published Kompas 100 index on 13 July 2007. The selection process of 100 stocks in Kompas100 Index is considering their liquidity factor, market capitalization and fundamental performance of those stocks. While the stock changes and evaluation is conducted once every 6 month, which is February and August.

JSMR share is listed in Kompas 100 index since 31 July 2009 (for the period of August 2008-January 2009) and still listed until today.




BISNIS-27 index is stock price index that is managed by PT Bursa Efek Indonesia with Bisnis Indonesia newspaper. As independent party, Bisnis Indonesia can manage this index in a more independent and flexible method, where the index constituent selection is based on issuer performance, with selection criteria of fundamental data, historical transaction data (technical) and accountability. Review and stock changes in Bisnis27 Index is conducted for every 6 months, which is every May and November.

JSMR share is listed in this index since 27 January 2009 (for the period of February-August 2012) and still listed until today.



SRi-KEHATI index is stock price index published by PT Bursa Efek Indonesia with the Foundation of Indonesia Bio Diversity (KEHATI Foundation). SRI is the abbreviation from Sustainable and Responsible Investment. This index is a new index benchmark that specifically list issuer with very good performance in promoting sustainable business, and have awareness towards environment, social and good governance, Human Resources and Human Right. Fundamental aspect of SRI-KEHATI is considering 6 (six) factors, which are:  Environmental, Community, Corporate Governance, Human Rights, Business Behavior, and Labor Practices & Decent Work. Indonesia Stock Exchange and Kehati Foundation will regularly monitor the component of shares in this index. Review and stock changes in Sri-Kehati Index are conducted for every 6 months, which is every May and November.

JSMR share is listed in this index since 29 October 2009 (for the period of November 2009 - April 2010) and still listed until today.


ISSI (Indonesia Sharia Stock Index)

Indonesia Sharia Stock Index (ISSI) is an index that is published by Indonesia Stock Exchange on 12 May 2011. ISSI constituent is all stock that is listed on Sharia Stock List (DES) and listed in BEI where the current number of ISSI constituent is 219 stocks (June 2012). The component of ISSI calculation will be evaluated for every six months, which is every May and November.

JSMR share is listed in this index since 6 June 2012 (for the period of June-November 2012) and still listed until today.



This stock index is published by PT Bursa Effect Indonesia (BEI) on 23 April 2012. The component of IDX30 is from 30 biggest market capitalization shares in LQ45 index. The factor that becomes the basic criteria of IDX30 listing is transaction activity as transaction value, transaction frequency, transaction days and market capitalization. In addition to quantitative criteria, in IDX30 component selection, Indonesia Stock Exchange also considering qualitative aspects, such as financial condition, growth prospect, and other factors related with company business continuity. Indonesia Stock Exchange also will conduct regular evaluation of IDX30 components for every 6 months, which is at the beginning of February and August, every year.

JSMR share is listed in this index since 23 April 2012 (for the period of February-August 2012) and still listed until today.


JSMR Shares in Regional and International Index


ASEAN Star Exchange

ASEAN Star Exchange is one of many products from ASEAN Exhanges, which is a collaboration of six ASEAN countries, consisting of Indonesia with Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI), Malaysia with Berhad Malaysia Exchange, Vietnam with two indexes, Hanoi Stock Exchange and Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange, Singapore with Singapore Exchange Limited, Philippine with The Philippine Stock Exchange Inc., and Thailand with The Stock Exchange of Thailand. ASEAN Exchange is published on Friday, 8 April 2011, aims to promote ASEAN capital market. In, this index contains data from 210 blue-chip stocks, recommended by the seven stock markets. ASEAN Exchanges will review those stocks for every six months, which is every beginning of May and November.

JSMR stock is listed since 8 April 2011 (for the period of May-October 2011) until today.


FTSE (The Financial Times Stock Exchange)

Stock index in London Stock Exchange that is owned by FTSE Group, initially was a joint venture between Financial Times and London Stock Exchange. Started since 3 January 2984 and continue to grow until today with 4 type of index, which is: FTSE 100 Index, FTSE 250 Index, FTSE 350 Index & FTSE SmallCap Index. Those four indexes become the reference and benchmark of international stock market.

JSMR stock is still listed in the Index until today.


MSCI Global Standard Indices

MSCI Index is created by Morgan Stanley Capital International. Every  MSCI Index measure different aspect of global stock market performance.  MSCI World index measure market performance of 1,500 companies whose have global existence. This is frequently quoted by financial media to describe the condition and performance of world stock market.

JSMR stock is listed in this index since 15 May 2012 until today.

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Jasa Marga (JSMR) share is still included in the list of shares that used to calculate the SRI-KEHATI index for the period of November 2012 - April 2013. This is announcement by Indonesia Stock Exchange through announcement number: Peng-00588JBEI.PSWIO-2012, in last 29 October.

The success of JSMR in this Index cannot be separated from the consistency of Jasa Marga financial performance, proven by the improvement of JSMR shares in the market. In addition to that, the trusts from foreign and domestic investor towards JSMR also bring a significant contribution towards the inclusion of JSMR shares in the index.

For investors, infrastructure sectors, especially toll road have significant long-term potential. The concession period of toll road operation of 30 until 40 years for each toll sections enables JSMR to secure continuous income. Income continuity will be the attractiveness for investor and is reflected through JSMR shares being included in several Stock Exchange indexes.

Stock Market index is the indicator of stock price movement that describes the trend of stock market movement. Index is issued by Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) or other institution cooperating with BEI with several specific criteria to monitor the stock price movement. Index is very useful as the reference to predict the price of shares, thus the relevant parties can make a decision to invest in the right place.

Currently, JSMR is listed in several BEI and International indexes, which are: LQ45, JII (Jakarta Islamic Index) Kompas100, Bisnis27, Sri-Kehati, ISSI (Indonesia Syariah Stock Index) and IDX30.

Whereas, Regional and International indexes are: Asean Star Exchange, FTSE (The Financial Times Stock Exchange), and MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International) Global Standard Index***(IR)

More Information of JSMR on Stock Index, click here

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Friday, 09 November 2012 16:30

36 Indonesian Children Call for Road Safety

The group of participants of Indonesian Children Conference 2012 is paying attention on the work of Information System at Jasa Marga Traffic Information System in CTC Branch Office Cililitan, last Tuesday (6/11). (photo : anang)

Toll (09/11): As the main event of Indonesian Children Conference 2012 and after several activities that are conducted for five days, 36 children that are chosen to participate in the Conference, held by Bobo Magazine, expressed the declaration of "My Safety on the Road" in front of Minister of Transportation, EE Mangindaan, in Ballroom Sasana Budaya, Hotel Le Meridien, Jakarta, last Thursday (08/11).

In this even, EE Mangindaan also participate in discussion with the delegates. The children were free to ask anything about traffic and roads to the Minister. Their curiosity and awareness are seen from the enthusiasm and various questions that they expressed. In this event, Jasa Marga President Director, Adityawarman was also present.

During the conference, the children were taught to keep their own and others' safety when they on the roads. The lesson is given through direct experience of riding bicycle, ride a motorbike with guide, ride a taxi and Trans Jakarta bus and also lesson about traffic signs.

On the last Tuesday (06/11) the group also visits Jasa Marga Traffic Information Center (JMTIC) in CTC Branch Office and was welcomed by Head of CTC Branch, Subakti Syukur. They also learn about the world of toll road, including the operation officer, operational vehicles, explanation of ATB book, and process of traffic information management in toll road.

The delegates of 36 kids are selected through a writing competition by Bobo magazine. From those writings, most Indonesian kids said that they cannot conduct outdoor activities safely, especially for commuting to school.

The kids that have been appointed as Child Safety on Road Ambassador, is expected to be the pioneer of child safety on road, started from surrounding environment so the children can safely go and come home from school and other places. However, not only children, the parents are also expected to be the safety pioneer on the roads. qqq (Komper/Photo: Anang)

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Friday, 09 November 2012 16:08

Proud, 100% Made by Indonesia

The workers are working on supporting pillar (pile), for the construction of Nusa Dua-Benoa, Bali toll road at Precast Plant, Owned by Adhi Karya in Bali. All construction materials of this toll road are Indonesian products. (Photo Anang)

Info Tol(08/11): Similar to what Commission VI of House of Representatives feel, you might also feel proud with of the construction project of Nusa Dua-Ngurah Rai-Benoa (NNB) Toll Road that is currently being executed by Jasa Marga Bali Tol.  The reason is, this toll road project is 100% product of the nation, as said by Sukur H. Nababan, Member of Commission VI of House of Representatives from Fraction PDI-P with other 10 other members of group from Commission VI in their Visit to Bali Province, last Tuesday (6/11).

NNB toll road project is not only executed by 100% domestic experts, but also, in this prestigious project, all materials are domestic products.  The work of NNB Toll road of around 10 km is divided into 4 packages. Package 1, starts from Nusa Dua to STA 2+970 carried out by Adhi Karya, Package 2 from KM 2+970 until Simpang Susun Ngurah Rai carried out by Waskita Karya, Package 3 rom Bundaran Nguraha Rai to Simpang Susun Ngurah Rai is carried out by Hutama Karya and Package 4 from Bundaran Ngurah Rai to Benoa is carried out by Waskita Karya.

On that visit, the member of Commission VI is welcomed by Jasa Marga President Director, Adityawarman, Director of Business Development Abdul Hadi, Jasamarga Bali Tol President Director Tito Karim, and the SOE contractors whose work on the Toll Road.

In that opportunity, Tito explains the progress of toll road construction project to the member of Commission VI. "Cumulatively, the progress of toll road construction has reached around 43.7 percents," explain Tito from 6th floor of Swissbell Hotel Bali. From that floor, the whole NNB Toll Road Construction Project can be seen, from Package 1 to Package 6, thus easier in giving direct explanation.

Whereas, Jasa Marga President Director, Adityawarman add some explanation on the background on this toll road construction. “Jasa Marga have  concern on this toll road construction, and will try to ensure that this toll road will be finished according to the schedule,” he explain.

The estimation is the toll road will be finished on April 2013 and will be operated in July 2012, and we expect that it can be one of the solutions to deal with traffic jam in Bali, especially in the area of bypass Main Road. *** (Source: Wasta Gunadi)

Published in News Dalam rangka memberikan kenyamanan dan keselamatan kepada pengguna jalan tol,  PT Jasa Marga (Persero)Tbk terus melakukan berbagai inovasi dan perbaikan dalam berbagai layanan, baik itu layanan transaksi, layanan lalu lintas dan layanan kontruksi.  Termasuk Jasa Marga Cabang Jakarta-Cikampek yang saat ini terus melakukan kegiatan overlay (pelapisan ulang) badan jalan utama.

Setelah menyelesaikan pekerjaan  overlay dari KM 37 – 41 jalur B, saat ini kegiatan overlay  dilakukan di KM 46 – 52 jalur A, yang menurut rencana akan selesai pada bulan Desember 2012. Pekerjaan yang dilakukan pada malam hari ini, diharapkan dapat dinikmati oleh pengguna jalan tol dalam mengendarai kendaraannya, dan akan semakin nyaman dan baik karena didukung kondisi jalan yang sudah mulus.

Selain itu untuk berbagai peningkatan pelayanan di tahun 2013 sudah disiapkan oleh cabang Jakarta-Cikampek diantaranya renovasi dan penambahan beberapa  gerbang tol, yaitu Karawang Barat dan Cibitung 1, mengingat kondisi Gerbang tol tersebut saat ini sangat pada pada jam-jam sibuk, dan bahkan selalu terjadi antrian.

Renovasi beberapa gerbang tol ini, selain untuk meningkatkan kapasitas transaksi, juga agar penampilan gerbang tol terlihat lebih menarik *** (sumber : humas-jakpek)

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