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Info tol (24/6) ; The Land Acquisition Committee (In Bahasa: P2T) and Land Acquisition Team (In Bahasa: TPT) paidLand Compensation (In Bahasa: UGR) for Section I of Gempol-Pasuruan Toll Road on Tuesday (18/6). Although there were only 6 land slots and buildings of 0,16 acres with compensation value amounting to 1.7 billion, the UGR payment  gradually decreases the number of lands to be acquired.

Up to the last UGR, the number of acquired lands for Gempol-Pasuruan Toll Road Section I have reached approximately 90%. (RoediPoerwanto-PT TransmargajatimPasuruan)

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Info Toll (20/6): The Project of Cengkareng-Batu Ceper-Kunciran Toll Road starts acceleration. The Land Acquisition Team (in Bahasa: TPT) and Land Acquisition Committee (in Bahasa: P2T) of Tangerang Cityconducted another community discussion on price compensation and procedure socialization for the construction of Cengkareng-­Batuceper-Kunciran in three Muncipalities of Cipete, Poris Plawad and Kunciran Jaya on Wednesday (12/6).

During the discussion inMunicipality of Cipete and Poris Plawad, District of Cipondoh, andMunicipality of Kunciran Jaya, the TPT and P2T along with government and security officialspresented the toll road construction plan and its benefits to the affected land owners.

The Head of Agricultural Bureau, representing P2T, expresses the hope to reach mutual agreement in the discussion, to allow land acquisition completion by the end of this year, thus ensuring the realization of toll road in Tangerang. In addition, the toll road will specifically contribute to the economic growth in Tangerang.

During the smooth and conducive discussion, the people of Municipality of Cipete, Poris Plawad and Kunciran Jaya is principally supportive to the government’s program of toll road infrastructure, despite the absence of agreed land price compensation. The affected land of the project consists of 326  land sections in three Municipalities.  Furthermore, the similar community discussion and socialization will also take place in 5 other Muncipalities up to the end of June.(Pepen-MKC, edited by Komper)

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Release No: 10/2013, 10 June 2013

Bali Toll Bridge – Building with Green Spirit

Some parties would perceive the toll or toll bridge construction as an environmental destruction. This resonates the opinion conveyed to Jasa Marga. The opinion is based on the belief that toll road is destroying ecosystem surrounding toll roads, including the toll roads in Bali. In addition to the mangrove logging for construction, the sea dredging will potentially destroy sea ecosystem as well.

“The mangrove logging and sea dredging are inevitable parts of toll brigde construction and we have utilized advanced eco-friendly technology,” stated by Abdul Hadi Hs, Jasa Marga Director of Business Development to the media sometime ago.

According to Abdul Hadi, the dredging is a prerequisite to install bored piles. There are 38 thousands bored piles to be installed for the project. “Upon project completion, we will revive the original condition under the bridge, including seawater and mangrove replant,” he added.

Jasa Marga is using environmentally friendly method in the dredging, by using limestone for temporary road construction. The natural characteristic of limestone consists of carbonate calcium or mineral calcite, which is originated from sea organism.“Therefore, the limestone-based road will not disturb sea biota,” Abdul Hadi further clarified.

Upon the construction completion, the limestone will be dredged to avoid any congestion or disruption for sea flowing through the bored piles. Up to January 2013, 163.000 m3 of limestone have been used to construct the working road and is proven to be effective to accelerate the toll road construction process.

In addition to Environmental Impact Assessment (in Bahasa: AMDAL), in the attempts to minimize environmental effects, The Company has ensured that there are no rare species of IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources)Red List within the area and that habitat restoration through trees re-plantation will take place.

Furthermore, Abdul Hadi explained that the construction of Nusa Dua-Ngurah Rai-Benoa Toll Bridge intersects with high biodiversity areas. “The toll road project intersects with 5,8 ha Mangrove Forest Park (in Bahasa: Tahura),” he stated.

As an environmental mitigation, Jasa Marga is committed to mangrove reforestation along the toll road. As a start, the Company is cooperating with Center for Sustainable Development Studies, LPPM University of Udayana until May 2013 and has replanted 10.000 mangrove trees in the area of Benoa and Ngurah Rai Roundabout.

Thetypes of planted mangrove trees are Bakau Gandul (Rhizopora mucronata) and Bakau Kurap (Rhizopora styloso), which have been injected with calcium carbonate to enable adaptation with soil and limestone. Jasa Marga is cooperating with University of Udayana (Unud) in the mangrove reforesting. The cooperation program consists of research, seeding, and mangrove plantation and maintenance around the toll road.

The plantation activity will continue by using mangrove seeds to replace the dead mangrove trees. In principle, toll road construction should not destroy environment. Any environmental damages during the construction procedure must be restored. “What we are planting is more than just mangrove trees, it is planting faith and trust from the people. Trust is a mandate that we must carry for the sake of ecosystem sustainability for our children in the future,” Adbul Hadi stated.


Bali, 10 June 2013


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Tuesday, 11 June 2013 12:00

Faster Completion of Bali Toll Brigde

Info Toll (11/6): The Nusa Dua-Ngurah Rai-Benoa Toll Road, or Bali Toll Brigde (in Bahasa: JTB)will be ready for operation in October 2013, in time for KTT APEC in Nusa Dua, Bali. This was conveyed by the Director for Business Development of Jasa Marga , Abdul Hadi,to the Media in Bali, on Monday (10/6).

"The JTB construction will be completed in 14 months, that is four months earlier than 18 months,” Abdul Hadi stated. He added that the physical construction can be categorized as completed until the remaining next process is finalization, such as traffic signs installation,road traffic marks, street lighting, and others.

"Afterwards, the remaining process, including road feasibility auditby relevant party, can be accelerated by a month," Abdul Hadi stated.

"The project must be renamed from ‘toll road’ to ‘toll bridge’as 10 km out of 12,7 km is stretched above the sea," he stated.The Corporate Secretary of Jasa Marga, David Wijayatno, mentioned that the name Bali Toll Bridge (JTB) will be in effect starting today(Monday-10/6) onwards.

Abdul Hadi continued to explain that the IDR 2,4 T project is handled by Jasa Marga and other SOEs’ consortium with the first design and built construction concept in Indonesia."The concept allows creativity freedom for contractors and has proven to be more economic by saving approximately IDR 220 B.”

Abdul Hadi also stated that JTB will reduce traffic congestion on by pass road of Ngurah Rai for the three locations (Benoa-NgurahRai-Nusa Dua).The survey suggests that the number of four-wheel vehicles passing Ngurah Rai Bypass has reached more than 40 thousands vehicles on daily basis. Meanwhile, the number of motorcycles reached more than 56 thousands. The condition is worsen by any traffic accidents blocking the Bypass in Ngurah Rai Airport route, and disturbing the traffic from Kuta or Denpasar towards Nusa Dua.

Multiplier effect

The construction of JTB will generate tangible effects and multiplier effect for economic growth of the people in Bali and surroundings.During the construction, there are 3.000 workers with direct involvement from upstream to downstream process, for example those who extract and distribute sands and those involved in materials production of iron and cements.

Upon its operation, the economic effects will be tangible for people, both in the form of traffic reduction and economic acceleration.

In addition to economic effects, Jasa Marga also pays attention of environmental preservation, especially with regards to mangrove forest. The mangrove  reforestation has been done and will continue to maintain balance between economic and environmental sectors.*** (komper/foto:PT JBT)

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Info Toll (7/6): PT Margabumi Adhikaraya (MBAR), a subsidiary of Jasa Marga that manages Gempol-Pandaan toll road, is cooperating with Jasa Marga Surabaya-Gempol Branch, in end of Mayuntil Wednesday (5/6)  in providing free medication and free hygiene equipment to 300 people residing around Gempol-Pandaan toll road construction.

The free medication activities are conducted in 8 villages and divided into two phases. The first phasestarted on Wednesday (22/5) to Monday (27/5) in Villages of Legok, Winong, Municipality of Gempol andVillages of Gununggangsir and Wonokoyo, and Municipality of Beji.

The second phase started on Friday (30/5) to Wednesday(5/6) in 4 villages, namely Villages of Gesing, Jabon, Kutorejo and Karangjati, Municipality of Pandaan Pasuruan.

The CEO of PT MBAR, Setiyono, stated that this activity is part of corporate social responsibility for residents surrounding the toll road while introducing PT MBAR and building good relationshipwith the community to channel the benefits ofPT MBAR.

In his remarks, Setiyono asked for support and blessingsfrom surrounding community to enable smooth toll road project construction in Gempol- Pandaan route. Setiyono also expresses his gratitude to those who have released their lands and assets for Gempol- Pandaan toll road construction. (Sumantri-MBAR, edited by Komper)

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Info Toll (5/6): The Cengkareng-Batuceper - Kunciran Toll Road Project is accelerated through the Land Acquisition Team (in Bahasa: TPT) of Tangerang and Land Acquisition Committee(n Bahasa: P2T), who made the Compensation payment (in Bahasa: UGR) of IDR 5,5 billions to landowners of 16 land sections of 2.831 m² in Pajang Municipality, on Tuesday (4/6). Meanwhile, the total land to be acquired is 133 Ha.

The assessments of UGR value as the basis of community discussion was conducted by Independent Assessors  by factoring physical condition and economical  value in to be able to reflect what landowners aspire. This marks the commencement of land acquisition for the project of Cengkareng Batuceper Kunciran (JORR II) toll road while showing Government’s commitment in realizing toll road construction as part of sustainable economic development.

The Ministry of Public Works targets completion of land acquisition at the end of 2013, to enable construction in early 2014 and operation in 2015. The toll road will be constructed by paying attention to the green construction requirements to contribute to the quality of environment using the concept of trees along toll road.The planted trees are specifically selected to produce green and comfortable atmosphere, complemented with nice-looking flowers.

The 14,2 km Cengkareng-Batuceper - Kunciran toll roadis part of Jakarta Outer Ring Road phase II (JORR II) toll road, which crosses 5 Municipalities (Benda, Batuceper, Tangerang, Cipondoh, Pinang) and 12 Regencies (Benda, Pajang, Jurumudi, Belendung, Batujaya, Batusari, Tanah Tinggi, Buaran Indah, Poris Plawad, Poris Plawad Indah, Pakojan, Kunciran). The toll road is an alternative route to Soekarno Hatta Airport and Tanjung Priok Seaport.  The toll road is constructed and operated by PT Marga Kunciran Cengkareng (MKC), a subsidiary of Jasa Marga.

The JORR II toll road aims to reduce traffic congestion in the city to improve traffic for toll road users. The toll road will also stimulate regional developmentin the surrounding and destination areas, therefore it will provide welfare for society and the state. The toll road is constructed and operated by PT Marga Kunciran Cengkareng (MKC), a subsidiary of Jasa Marga  (Pepen-MKC, edited by Komper)

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Info Toll (3/6): In order to improve the transaction service for toll road users who use e-toll card , Jasa Marga Palikanci Branch officiates the Automatic Toll Post (in Bahasa: GTO) at Toll Gate of Plumbon 3 and Plumbon 4 on Thursday (30/5).

According to the General Manager ofPalikanci Branch, Dadang Sumaryana, the GTO serves as additionalposts without reducing the existing operating posts. Dadang also hopes that the use of e-toll card can develop well as with the case of Jakarta inner city toll roads.

Bank Mandiri is currently offering e-toll card to several Oto Bus companies, which were previously the users of Toll Road subscription cards in Cirebon region 3. Bank Mandiri will continue to promote the use ofe-toll card, in conjunction with the ongoing construction of Cikampek-Palimanan toll road, which will lead to economic improvement for Cirebon.

All toll posts in Palikanci Branch have been using e-tollcard facility in March 2012. The operation of GTO in cooperation with Bank Mandiri is the attempt of corporation to meet the demand of customers forelectronic toll transaction, although the daily traffic volume usinge-toll cardhas only reached 0,6 % (± 300 vehicles) out of the daily traffic volumeof 50.000 vehicles. (Imam.Z-palikanci, edited by Komper)


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Info Toll (3/6): The Land Acquisition Committee (in Bahasa: P2T) and Land Acquisition Team (in Bahasa: TPT) for Gempol-PasuruanToll Road Project disbursedthe compensation money (in Bahasa: UGR) for land owners onThursday (16/5)and (31/5) atPendopoKelurahanGununggangsir, Beji Municipality, Pasuruan.

Therefore, the total acquired land by May 2013 is 0,29 ha, with the compensation ofIDR 1,45 billions. The acquired land ready for Gempol-Pasuruan Toll Road section I constructionhas reached 88,9 %.

The Secretary II of P2T forPasuruan Municipality, Tri Mahendra, requested the land owners to support P2T or TPT, by encouraging their neighbors or relatives to also release their land for government, if they have not done so. “If the land acquisition transfer is delayed, the current value of money will be worthless in the future,” stated Tri Mahendra.

According toMahendra, the land price has been determined by the appraisal teamand will remain the same. Mahendraadded that the offered price is way above NJOP. (RoediPoerwanto -TJP,edited by Komper)

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PT MargaSaranaJabar (MSJ), a Subsidiary of JasaMarga, continues to accelerate the construction of1.95-km BORR Toll Road section II A. The elevated toll road is constructed above arterial road ofSolehIskandar. The current toll road project has reached 41% progress and plans to be completed by the end of 2013.

The project is currently installing the erection box girder, utilizing the technology of overhead gantry system, in which the box girder is separately molded andstretched across the bridge (refer to the photograph). The technology allows minimum disruption to the traffic below.

In addition, on Thursday (30/5), PT MSJ managed the execution of disputed land between owner’s beneficiaries and PT BangunAdiGraha, whose case is currently at Judicial Review (in Bahasa: PK) at Supreme Court. The execution was conducted on the basis of Consignment Determination by State Court of Bogor and Decree of Mayor of Bogor pertaining to the permit for toll road construction above land Section no 1. An On Ramp column will be constructed in that particular location.

Escalating Business Revenue

PT MSJ successfully recorded Operating Revenues of IDR 19,96 billions in 2012. The operating revenues significantly escalated in comparison to the IDR 6,31 billions in 2011. The success was presented by the management of PT MSJ during the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders on Thursday (30/5).

In addition to the revenues increase, the Meeting agreed on the new shareholders composition for PT MSJ, namely PT JasaMarga (Persero) Tbk. 55%, PT CMNP 30% and PT JasaSarana 15%, which is expected to positively affect the performance of PT MSJ. 

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Sehubungan dengan kejadian gangguan turunnya badan jalan yang terjadi di KM 47+400, saat ini Jasa Marga Cabang Jakarta-Cikampek tengah melakukan penanganan secara teknis pada lokasi tersebut.

Untuk  memperlancar lalu lintas serta untuk menjaga kestabilan badan jalan saat ini, Pihak Jasa Marga menghimbau kendaraan besar dan berat (truk dan trailer) yang akan menuju Jakarta untuk menghindari lokasi tersebut dengan mengambil arah Keluar di Gebang Tol (GT) Karawang Timur dan masuk Kembali di Gerbang Tol Karawang Barat.

Saat ini Jasa Marga Cabang Jakarta-Cikampek  telah melakukan sosialiasi melalui pemasangan spanduk di berbagai tempat menjelang GT Karawang Timur, termasuk VMS di jalan tol Purbaleunyi.  Pemasangan rambu himbauan ini akan dilakukan hingga proses penanganan gangguan di KM 47+400 selesai dilaksanakan.

Bagi Pengguna Jalan Tol Jakarta-Cikampek menuju Jakarta agar selalui waspada dan memperhatikan rambu-rambu yang telah dipasang oleh pihak Cabang Jakarta-Cikampek*** (Komper)

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