​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The Value System is a set of values ​​innate​ within each individual of Jasa Marga.
It is a set of the right and correct ​behaviors and attitudes that must be performed by all Jasa Marga's employees to support the company's goal.

These set of values are:
​ ​
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AGILE and ENTHUSIASTIC in dealing with​ changes and to develop continuously.

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Highly COMPETENT and responsible to complete work systematically by paying attention to​ future-oriented precautionary principles.
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CONSISTENT between thoughts, words​ and actions with underlying honesty​, truth, fairness and abide by the applicable rules and ethics.

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Provide PROFESSIONAL and sustainable​ ​SERVICE for customers throughout the entire business process,​​ in conformity to customer needs and expectations.​