​​​​​​​​​​​Whistleblowing System (WBS)


PT ​Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk (“Jasa Marga”) continues to consistently apply the principles of GCG within its management, mindful of the need to meet the mandate, transparency, accountability and compliance to applicable laws and regulations.

In line with its commitment, Jasa Marga is applying Whistleblowing System to enable all Jasa Marga Individuals and stakeholders to report any suspected violation of Good Corporate Governance principles and/or applicable ethical values based on reliable evidence and goodwill for the interest of the Company.

The scope of Report that will be followed up by Jasa Marga Whistleblowing System Team includes any actions causing Jasa Marga’s loss, which consist of the following:

1. Violation to applicable laws and regulations
2. Abuse of power
3. Extortion
4. Fraud
5. Conflict of interest
6. Gratification
7. Bribery
8. Actions violating ethics, morals, and norms of decency​

Becoming a whistleblower allows you to help the Company create safe, fair, and honest working environment.

Jasa Marga Amanah is managed professionally and independently in cooperation with PT Deloitte Advis Indonesia ​by enabling you to report any violation in Jasa Marga, including all actions listed as the scope of violation to Jasa Marga.

The channels in Whistleblowing System are as follows​​: 

1. Website : https://idn.deloitte-halo.co​m/whistleblowing.tips/wbs/@jasamarga/
2. Email : jasamarga.wbs@tip​​offs.info
3. Hotline         : +62 21 3952 8855
4. Whatsapp : +62 8111978503
5. PO BOX           :       3025 JKP 10030

The Company's policy in Whistleblowing System is based on Joint Decision of Directors and Board of Commissioners No. KEP 100/IX/2020 and No. 75/KPTS/2020​ on Whistleblowing System of PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk.