Jasa Marga 43-Year Journalistic Competition

2/17/2021 5:55:38 PM

Jasa Marga 43-Year Journalistic Competition "JASA MARGA IN NEWS"
THEMED "Transformation and Innovation for Advanced Indonesia"


​1. Hardnews Print and Online Media
2. Print and Online Media Features
3. Television Hardnews
4. Featured Television
5. Photos



1st Place, @ IDR 10,000,000, -
2nd place, @ IDR 7,000,000,-
3rd place, @ Rp. 4,000,000, -


1. Participants are journalists of Indonesian citizens working, either permanently or freelance, in print, online, and/or television media.
3. Journalistic works in both Indonesian ​and English.
4. Written works must be articles, original works whose authenticity can be accounted for, not adaptations, nor translations, and not classified as commercial advertorials.
5. The submitted work must have been published or broadcasted in general mass media between May 1, 2020, to March 7, 2021.
6. The maximum submitted works is 3 per category.
7. For teamwork, participants must name the team leader and members.
8. The deadline for registration and submission of journalistic works to the committee is Sunday, March 7, 2021, at 11.59 p.m.
9. Fill out the registration form via Google Form that has been provided.
​​​​10. Jasa Marga has the right to use the submitted work (either in full or citation) as part of its non-commercial publications, such as for internal Company purposes (for example annual reports; calendars; infographics; program brochures or service information) and limited to Jasa Marga's social media while still including the author/photographer/journalist's name. 


1. Television media category, the duration should be at least 2 minutes per work.
2. The photo category is followed by photojournalists in print and online media.
3. Photographs may be included in the exhibition at the winner announcement or Jasa Marga's other events while still mentioning the name of the media and the photographer/journalist.
​​4. In the Photo Category, the maximum submission is 3 photos, but only 1 photo is required for broadcast.


1. Send:- Scanned or photo of ID Card / Driver's License- Scanned or photo of an active Press ID- Scanned or photo of NPWP card- Softcopy of written work or articles in .pdf or .doc format (Microsoft Word)- Evidence of printed media broadcasts in the form of clippings or photos/screen capture / scanned news pages- Proof of online media broadcasting in the form of a news website page URL link or a news page screen capture.
2. Softcopy of photo in jpeg/jpg format, with a length of at least 3000 pixels and a resolution of 300dpi.
3. How to name the photo files
Photo Title_Photo Location_ Participant's Full Name _Phone/Cellphone Number
Toll Road Operation Target_Kunciran-Cengkareng Toll Road​​ _Pandji Soerjo_0888-888-8884. 
4. Softcopy of Footage (TV) in MP4 / AVI / MOV format with a minimum resolution of 1280px X 720px, along with broadcast evidence.
5. Footage (TV) is submitted through a Google Drive / WeTransfer URL link or the like.
6. All types of submitted work must match the theme.
7. All forms of claims of ownership from other parties on the ​participant's work are the participants' responsibility (this is related to the model/property release in which the subject of the participant's photo is a person and/or another party's property).
8. Any violation found in the future in terms of these terms and conditions, the committee has the right to cancel the winner's entitlement and the prize will be withdrawn.
9. The jury's decision is final, inviolable, and does not accept correspondence.
10. By submitting the work, the participants are deemed to understand and comply with all the rules and regulations set by the committee.


No later than Sunday, March 7, 2021, at 11.59 p.m​


1. Print & Online Media Hard News

2. Print & Online MediaFeature

3. Hard News TV

4. Featured TV

5. Photo Category


- Irvan, 0857-2158-8900
- Irwansyah, 0852-1013-8138
* office hour only​


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