Jasa Marga Holds Jasa Marga Siaga Service 2022 -Move Quickly, Service Gets Better, and Customers are Happy-

1/6/2022 10:09:03 AM

PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk​ ​
No. ​05/2022​
​​​​​​​​Date 05 January 2022​​​​​

Jakarta, 05/01/2022​, PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk held the 2022 Jasa Marga Standby Service Title ceremony, as well as the disbandment of the Christmas 2021 and New Year 2022 (Nataru) Task Forces, at Ex Gate Cibubur Toll Road, Km 14 Jagorawi Toll Road towards Bogor.

The ceremony, which aimed to prepare and improve toll road operational services belonging to the Jasa Marga Group, was also attended by the Jasa Marga Board of Directors, which included President Director Subakti Syukur, Operations Director Fitri Wiyanti, Business Director Reza Febriano, Business Development Director M. Agus Setiawan, and Director of Human Capital & Transformation Bagus Cahya AB, inclusive of representatives of Group Head Headquarters and Directors of Jasa Marga Subsidiaries.

Subakti Syukur, President Director of Jasa Marga, who is in charge of the ceremony, expressed his appreciation and gratitude to Jasa Marga Roadsters (as Jasa Marga employees are known) for operating Nataru services from December 17 to January 3, 2022, yesterday.

"The Jasa Marga Roadsters have performed admirably.Despite a significant increase in traffic volume, all Jasa Marga Siaga Nataru operational activities, including toll gates, rest areas, and Jasa Marga Group toll roads, can be well controlled," said Subakti.

Jasa Marga also pledged its enthusiasm and commitment to provide the best service to the community during this ceremony by launching the 2022 Jasa Marga Siaga Task Force Team, with the tagline "Move Fast, Improved Service, Happy Customers."

"Jasa Marga remains vigilant and strives to improve the quality of Jasa Marga's services through various breakthroughs and continuous innovations. "As the market leader in the toll road industry, with a total length of toll roads operating along 1,246 Km, Jasa Marga will continue to be ready to face various challenges and provide comfort, security, and safety for toll road users," added Subakti.

Dwimawan Heru, Head of Jasa Marga Corporate Communication and Community Development Group, added that Jasa Marga recorded approximately 2,704,020 vehicles leaving the Jabotabek area in the Nataru period 17 December 2021-3 January 2022, an increase of 9.9% compared to the same period in Nataru last year. Concurrently, when compared to the same period in Nataru last year, approximately 2,681,055 vehicles returned to the Greater Jakarta area in the Nataru period 17 December 2021-3 January 2022, representing a 13.4 percent increase.

"However, despite the increase in vehicle volume, the number of accidents occurred 56 times in Nataru this year during the same period. "When compared to the 121 accidents that occurred during the Nataru period in 2020, this year's figure has decreased to 53.7 percent," Heru said.

Jasa Marga has also alerted as many as 367 operational fleet units on all toll roads in Indonesia, consisting of 146 tow vehicles, 121 Mobile Customer Service (MCS) vehicles, 53 ambulance vehicles, 37 rescue vehicles, 3 multipurpose vehicles, and 107 Highway Patrol (PJR) vehicles, to support maximum operational services. This ceremony also saw the presentation of up to 23 units from various operational fleets.

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