Jasa Marga Won Three Awards in the Human Capital on Resilience Excellence Award 2021

7/7/2021 8:40:58 PM

PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk
No. ​97/2021​
​​​​​Date 07 July 2021​​

Jakarta (07/07)PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk's commitment in strengthening and improving the performance of Human Resources (HR) received three awards at the same time at the Human Capital on Resilience Excellence Award 2021 organized by PT Indonesia Popular Mandiri. The award ceremony which took place on Wednesday (07/07) was held virtually through the Zoom application and face-to-face at the Ballroom of the Sultan Hotel Jakarta, while still implementing health protocols.

 Jasa Marga won three awards in the five-star category, namely: The Best Employee Value & Performance and The Best in HR Crisis Management additionally special award which was also won by Jasa Marga Director of Human Capital & Transformation, Enkky Sasono A.W. as The Best Leaders in Human Capital 2021.

Jasa Marga's Human Capital Development Group Head, Windharti Amelia, who represented Jasa Marga in receiving the award virtually, thanked Jasa Marga for the appreciation given to Jasa Marga which continues to make achievements during the current pandemic. 

“Many companies, including Jasa Marga, will definitely be affected in the midst of a pandemic like this. Jasa Marga is committed for continuing to implement the new order with digital transformation in many fields. We also hope that Human Capital with CHARACTERISTICS will continue to be the main force to survive and also compete in the midst of conditions like today," said Windharti.

Windharti also added that the award which has been gotten by Jasa Marga at the Human Capital on Resilience Excellence Award 2021 was inseparable from participating in the best performance of each Roadster (as Jasa Marga employees are called).

 "Through this award at the Human Capital on Resilience Excellence Award 2021, We are as Jasa Marga Roadsters will certainly be more motivated to continue to provide the best performance for all of our stakeholders," added Windharti.

The three awards that were won based on an objective and independent assessment by the Assessment Team and the Human Capital on Resilience Excellence Award 2021 Jury after considering five categories, namely Sharpness of HR Strategic Plans, Digital Transformation in Human Capital Development, Improvement of HR Skills and Competencies facing crises, K3 System Mindset Related to HR (Safety Culture), and Business Survival or Efforts to Build Business Resilience. 

The Chairman of the Jury for the Human Capital on Resilience Excellence Award 2021 Achmad Purwono explained that the awarding of this award was based on the success of each company in maintaining the performance of its human resources during the pandemic, and even still being able to achieve achievements.

The crisis due to the Covid-19 Pandemic has resulted in companies being faced with various uncertainties in various business lines, therefore resilience is needed from every company, starting from mitigation, risk analysis, proper Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) analysis, to International Organization of Standardization (ISO) the appropriate model, We as a jury team would like to thank you for all your participation which raises the spirit of a crisis that might occur, that's why our event is based on Human Capital with the possibility of having better durability, "explained Purwono in his welcome.

Jasa Marga as a state-owned company engaged in the toll road industry is certainly committed to being able to continue to produce competent employees in the current Industry 4.0 era. Human Capital Jasa Marga continues to make breakthroughs and innovations to be able to continue to transform all of the Company's human resources, one of which is by developing a Research & Development Center known as the Internet of Things (IoT) Jasa Marga Laboratory, as a center for research and innovation development to support the company's business. In the future,  to continue and improve the competence and performance of Jasa Marga Roadsters.

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