Jasa Marga is Committed to Advancing the Development of a Sustainable Toll Road Infrastructure as the Market Leader in the Operation of Toll Roads in Indonesia

9/17/2021 6:52:42 PM

PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk​ ​
No. ​112​​/2021​
​​​​​​​​Date 17​​ September 2021​

Jakarta (17/09), PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk, Indonesia's first and biggest toll road business, continues to establish itself as a market leader via several service enhancements for road users, all based on the spirit of technology-driven transformation and innovation.

Subakti Syukur, President Director of Jasa Marga, explained how the Company achieved a number of positive performance milestones by implementing the Ministry of SOEs' Five Priorities, which Minister of SOEs Erick Thohir has consistently emphasized in carrying out the Company's business strategy, namely economic and social value for Indonesia, business model innovation, technological leadership, increased investment, and talent development.

"The Company's good performance also demonstrates the Jasa Marga Group's commitment to developing a sustainable corporation that prioritizes not only shareholder profits but also environmental and social benefits on its stakeholders," Subakti added.

At the moment, Jasa Marga owns 51% of Indonesia's entire active toll roads, which total 1,246 kilometers in length. Throughout 2021, Jasa Marga has successfully completed 55.94 kilometers of new toll roads, with more to come. “ Jasa Marga presently has a total of 1,603 kilometers of toll road concessions in Indonesia.

We anticipate that other toll roads will be operational until the end of 2021, most notably the Manado-Bitung Toll Road Danowudu-Bitung, which is scheduled to open in the fourth quarter of 2021. Until September 15, 2021, land acquisition for the Manado-Bitung Toll Road, Danowudu Section -Bitung is 97.60 percent complete, while construction is 94.43 percent complete,” Subakti explained.

Jasa Marga also performed well during the COVID-19 epidemic, as seen by a 29.95 percent rise in operational income from the operation of new toll road sections, aided by greater community mobilization, which led in an increase in traffic flow. cross. Additionally, EBITDA grew by 40.76 percent in accordance with the growth in Toll Revenue, resulting in a 64.10 percent increase in EBITDA Margin.

"From September 15, 2021 to this month, we had a huge rise in traffic. In sum, the average daily traffic (LHR) on all Jasa Marga Group toll roads declined by about 11.9 percent, compared to 43.9 percent during the Emergency PPKM in July 2021. We are certain that the Company's performance objective will be met with success through the end of 2021," he added.

At the end of 2020, the Jasa Marga Group's toll road was recognized for successfully implementing the "Sustainable Toll Road Roadmap" launched by the Ministry of PUPR, namely the Jagorawi Toll Road and the Semarang-Solo Toll Road. Previously, two other toll roads administered by the Company were certified as "Green Toll Road Indonesia," namely the Pandaan-Malang Toll Road and the Gempol-Pandaan Toll Road.

From 2021 until the end of August, Jasa Marga Group gave IDR 10 billion in social and environmental responsibility support and IDR 6 billion in COVID-19 preventive and control activities for internal and external customers. This is a practical demonstration of Jasa Marga Group's commitment to nurturing and growing stakeholders and their ecosystems in order to secure support for achieving the Company's objective of being a sustainable business," Subakti stated.

Jasa Marga established the Jasa Marga Tollroad Command Center, Indonesia's first and most comprehensive toll road traffic control center built on the Intelligent Transportation System, includes the Travoy 3.0 application to enhance road user convenience and safety. This is a digital travel assistant meant to aid toll road users when driving on toll roads by providing information on toll cost, panic tremors, and road user reports.

"In the area of human capital, we have also created JMClick mobile apps that provide "Integrated Human Capital Services" to about 8,000 Jasa Marga Group employees across Indonesia. JMClick 2.0 includes digital learning features such as collaborative learning, gamification, performance appraisal, learning wallet, location-based attendance system, remuneration management, leave rights management, and talent development, included support for other functions such as socialization and internal communications," he concluded.

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