Jasa Marga is Committed to Maintaining SPM Fulfillment Amid the Decreased Traffic Volume During the Emergency PPKM Period

7/14/2021 11:43:09 AM

PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk
No. ​98/2021​
​​​​​Tanggal 12 July 2021​​​​

Jakarta (12/07), During the Implementation of Emergency Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM) for the period 3-20 July 2021, PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk continues to operate with Minimum Service Standards (SPM) which implements health protocols in service to the community of Jasa Marga Group toll road users, such as: transaction services at the Toll Gate (GT), traffic services, both project work on toll roads and toll road repair efforts to services at rest areas.

Jasa Marga's Corporate Communication & Community Development Group Head, Dwimawan Heru, added that although the Emergency PPKM was implemented, Jasa Marga would still implement the SPM with the Covid-19 Health protocol, so that the toll road program would still be realized, both for operational services to users. Toll road (GT) to services at rest areas, and also applies to the operation of toll road maintenance units and repair units.

"Although community mobility during the Emergency PPKM period tends to decrease which also has an impact on the volume of traffic on toll roads belonging to the Jasa Marga Group, we are still committed to maintaining the level of service that has been set in the SPM, so that the service program for road users continues to be realized without compromising the protocol. existing health,” said Heru.

As long as the Emergency PPKM is in effect for seven days (period 3-9 July 2021), Jasa Marga recorded a decrease in the volume of vehicles passing on Jasa Marga Group toll roads when compared to the normal daily average traffic (LHR).
Jasa Marga recorded a downward trend in cumulative traffic in a number of Main GTs (barriers) bordering the Jabotabek area, namely from GT Cikampek Utama Toll Road Jakarta Cikampek (Eastern access), GT Cikupa Exit Toll Road Jakarta-Merak (West access) and GT Ciawi 2 Jagorawi Toll Road (South access), with the following details:

- Seven days in the PPKM implementation period, there was a total decrease in traffic volume leaving Jakarta by -37.91% with details: Heading east via Cikampek Utama GT decreased by -35.41% and Kalihurip Utama GT decreased by -43.51% , towards the west via GT Cikupa it decreased by -30.45%, and towards the south via GT Ciawi it decreased by -46.16%.

- Seven days in the PPKM implementation period, there was a total decrease in the volume of traffic entering Jakarta by -38.54% with details: From the east via GT Cikampek Utama it decreased by -35.16% and GT Kalihurip Utama decreased by -50.39% , from the west through the Cikupa GT it decreased by -31.56%, and from the south through the Ciawi GT it decreased by -40.59%.

In line with its strategic function, in distributing people and goods, particularly in order to support logistics movement, Jasa Marga will continue to operate its toll roads managed in Indonesia. Heru appealed to road users to support this Emergency PPKM by staying at home, avoiding public spaces and crowds, implementing a clean lifestyle and continuing to tighten health protocols if you have to leave the house for urgent needs, in order to suppress the spread of COVID-19.
For further information, please contact:
Dwimawan Heru
Corporate Communication & Community Development Group Head
PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk.
Plaza Tol Taman Mini Indonesia Indah
Jakarta 13550
Telp. (021) 841 3526 / ext. 117/118