Jasa Marga, Pindad and Djakarta Lloyd Commemorated ​the SOE Ministry Anniversary through CSR Programs in Ciamis

4/9/2019 11:03:20 AM


PT JASA MARGA (Persero) Tbk

Number : 50/2019 Dated April 4, 2019


Jasa Marga, Pindad and Djakarta Lloyd Commemorated ​the SOE Ministry Anniversary through CSR Programs in Ciamis

Ciamis (04/04) - To commemorate the SOE Ministry's 21st Anniversary, ​social activities were initiated for the nationwide community empowerment through CSR programs.

After the CSR program at Tebing Tinggi, North Sumatera, PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk., in synergy with PT Pindad (Persero) and PT Djakarta Lloyd (Persero), proceeds with Hygienic Village Clean-up and Low-priced Food Packages merchandises at Sindangbarang Village, Panumbangan Sub-district, Ciamis Regency in West Java, on Thursday (04/04).

After opening the event, Jasa Marga's Corporate Secretary M. Agus Setiawan​ expressed his hope on the program.

"The Program must carry on for the sake of the community and SOEs for the Nation,” said Agus.

Jasa Marga along with Pindad, Djakarta Lloyd and 500 local residents performed public facility restorations, such as path pavement to the water springs, Public Bathing Place (TPU) renovation, Public Toilet construction, place of worship (Mosques) and Sindangbarang Village Hall adornment.

There were also 210 productive trees, such as the clove tree, with 100 bags of fertilizers and 6 units of trash cans for the Sindangbarang Village Hall. This was our shared concern to preserve and sustain the biodiversity of Sindangbarang Village.

On behalf of the villagers, Head of Sindangbarang Village, Dedi Cakra, expressed his gratitude.

"We still can't believe that we were able to reach Sindangbarang Village, the furthest area in Ciamis. Thank you for all the donations for the locals, access gets easier now and 1,000 low-priced food packages had been purchased. Everyone was pleased. Hopefully, more and more villages are reachable for the program,” Dedi hoped.

Jasa Marga, Pindad and Djakarta Lloyd collaborated with LinkAja to sell 1,000 low-priced food packages to Sindangbarang Villagers from seven hamlets. They previously introduced the LinkAja application activation as an electronic financial service that puts forward non-cash transactions for conveniences and security. The sales profit was used for the adornment of An Nur Mosque near the Village Hall of Sindangbarang Village.

Jasa Marga's Corporate Secretary and Corporate Communication & Community Development Dwimawan Heru, PKBL Bureau Head Pindad Amy Marlina Wati, Corporate Secretary Staff Djakarta Lloyd Vindya Dwi and regional government representatives, such as Panumbangan Sub-district​​, Sector Police Chief, Military Rayon Commander and a number of other regional institutions were present at the event.

Jasa Marga, Pindad and Djakarta Lloyd hopes that the 21st SOE Ministry Anniversary programs touched the lives of the community.  This will, in return, benefit the SOEs as a whole.

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