MNC Group and Jasamarga Related Business to Build Business Property and Digital Content

7/7/2021 8:22:28 PM

MNC Group ​​and PT Jasamarga Related Business
Date 7 July 2021

Jakarta, (7/7) - In order to build joint collaborations for the field of property development and digital infrastructure, MNC Group to build a synergy with PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk through its subsidiary, PT Jasamarga Related Business (JMRB). The joint cooperation between both of it was marked by the online signing ceremony on Wednesday (7/5).

The joint collaboration that was established with PT JMRB was conducted with PT Bank MNC Internasional Tbk., PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk., PT MNC Vision Network Tbk., and PT MNC Land Tbk. Each signed a business partnership agreement covering digital banking services, cashless ecosystem development,  and distribution digital content for the rest area tenants has managed by PT JMRB, inclusive of property development.

MNC Group Executive Chairman Harry Tanoesoedibjo said that, MNC Group has planned various innovative joint collaborations has aimed at maximizing success for both parties. According to him, the existence of MNC Group and Jasa Marga Group which has a strong position in Indonesia makes the partnership has established as a big step and will be provided significant benefits for both, especially for the people of Indonesia. He also assessed that this joint collaboration could be accelerated the digitalization to financial inclusion to improve the national economy.

"MNC Group's products and services will be integrated end-to-end in the PT JMRB ecosystem, that can be complement and strengthen Jasa Marga Group's business from upstream to downstream. MNC Group's businesses from the media, financial services, and entertainment hospitality sectors will be explore various innovative projects from this strategic partnership," he explained.

Jasa Marga Director of Business Development Arsal Ismail said that the signing of this MoU was an initial assessment that has been conducted by PT JMRB as one of Jasa Marga Group's strategic efforts to increase revenue stream in terms of non-toll revenues.

"This MoU is not exclusive only between PT JMRB and MNC Group. In the future we will be opened if there are other parties who will be participated. Indeed, currently MNC Group has a business plan that is in accordance with PT JMRB's future development plans, remarkably, we hope that this synergy will be work well. We are very open to the potential for cooperation with other agencies, especially in the development of the property business, rest areas and digital content. This joint collaborative effort is one of the strategies for Jasa Marga Group to balance revenues from the toll road sector that has been affected by the pandemic so far," said Arsal.

The President Director of PT JMRB Cahyo Satrio Prakoso said the same thing. According to him, PT JMRB is intensifying the development of a number of its business lines, namely Toll Corridor Development (TCD), development and management of rest areas, utilization of toll road corridors for advertising and utilities, likewise digital content. According to him, the potential that has been possessed by toll roads is not only as an infrastructure for the distribution of goods and services. Therefore, PT JMRB continues to optimize the potential of toll roads, especially the development of areas or corridors around toll roads.

"Jasa Marga has concession rights for 1,603 km toll roads throughout Indonesia, and PT JMRB is trusted to optimize the huge potential of the toll road corridor. Therefore, we are intensively collaborating with strategic partners to carry out this development, one of which is with the MNC Group. With the great potential of each party, we hope that this collaboration can make an innovative contribution to the nation," said Cahyo.

PT Bank MNC International Tbk through MotionBanking enables the provision of banking services and funding for tenant rest areas. Meanwhile, PT MNC Kapital Indonesia Tbk. through its subsidiary, namely MotionPay, developing and providing digital transaction and payment systems in rest areas. Concurrently, PT MNC Vision Networks Tbk enables to develop digital content. and collaboration with PT MNC Land includes property development cooperation in toll road corridor areas.

PT JMRB itself, now manages 29 rest areas that has been spread throughout Indonesia with more than 400 tenants conducting business activities in it. Currently, PT JMRB is intensively conducting studies and development for the area around the toll road managed by the Jasa Marga Group. As of April 2021, Jasa Marga Group has operated 1,214 km of toll roads, or 52% of the total length of toll roads operating throughout Indonesia.


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