Supporting Economic Growth in East Java Region, Gempol - Pasuruan Toll Road is Directly Connected to PIER Industrial Estate

7/3/2021 8:20:20 PM

PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk
No. ​01/03/07/2021​​
​​​​​Date 03 July 2021​​

Pasuruan (03/07), In order to support economic growth in the East Java region and facilitate the distribution of goods and services between regions, the Gempol – Pasuruan Toll Road was managed by PT Jasamarga Gempol Pasuruan (JGP) has access that is directly connected to the Pasuruan Industrial Estate. Rembang (PIER).

The Gempol - Pasuruan Toll Road which stretches for 34.15 Km from the Gempol to Pasuruan area in East Java has 4 transaction service toll gates, namely the Bangil Toll Gate (GT), Rembang GT, Pasuruan GT and GT Grati. One of the toll gates that is in direct contact with the PIER Industrial Estate is GT Rembang at KM 789+000.

GT Rembang has 3 Entrance transaction service substations and 3 Exit substations equipped with 4 units of Multi Automatic Toll Gate (GTO) to provide special services for Group II to Class V vehicles such as container trucks and trailers. The composition of the substation at the gate is deliberately designed to support the convenience of transactions for the types of large vehicles that pass in and out of the industrial area through the PIER toll gate.

President Director of PT JGP Widiyatmiko Nursejati explained the benefits of having GT Rembang as the support for the largest Industrial Estate in East Java covering an area of 356 hectares with international standard tenants and supporting export-import transactions.

"The presence of GT Rembang which directly connects cities around Pasuruan with the PIER Industrial Estate, is expected to help smooth industrial activities and logistics mobility on a domestic and international scale so that it can become a driving force for the economy, especially in Pasuruan and its surroundings," said Widiyatmiko.

In addition, Widiyatmiko explained the benefits of the Gempol-Pasuruan Toll Road for the micro, small and medium sector. "The Gempol - Pasuruan Toll Road is also an alternative route in facilitating the economy for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), especially in the Bukir Furniture Area, Pasuruan, which is about 1 Km from the Pasuruan GT Exit," he said.

The Bukir area is an MSME industrial center area that produces various types of furniture with raw materials made of teak wood in the Pasuruan area, East Java.

As an illustration in shortening travel time, Widiyatmiko said, “The trip from Pasuruan to Tanjung Perak Port via toll road can be taken for approximately 1 hour when compared to via non-toll roads which is 2 hours or can save about 50% time. Of course, it is hoped that this time efficiency can be felt by all parties, both large and medium industry players, as well as for other road users," concluded Widiyatmiko.

With the existence of the Gempol-Pasuruan Toll Road in East Java as part of the national road network and transportation system which also has an important role in the Trans Java Toll Road network, it supports regional development and improves the distribution of development results, facilitates industrial and logistics activities between regions between regions, and accelerate the mobilization of people, goods and services by reducing travel time.

For further information contact:
1. Widiyatmiko Nursejati
Direktur Utama
PT Jasamarga Gempol Pasuruan
Plaza Tol Pasuruan
Jl. Urip Sumoharjo, Sutojayan, Pohjentrek, Purworejo, Kota Pasuruan,
Jawa Timur 67119
Instagram: @jm.gempas

2. Corry Annelia Poundti H
Marketing and Communication Department Head
Jasamarga Transjawa Tollroad Regional Division
Plaza Tol Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakarta 13550
Instagram: @official.jasamargatransjawatol