The Tresno Kulon Progo Park and the Majaksingi Village Economic Center are Two Ways that Jasa Marga Helps the City Develop Facilities and Empower its Residents

1/4/2022 6:50:40 AM

PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk​ ​
No. ​137​​/2021​
​​​​​​​​Date 1​8 December 2021​​​​​

Yogyakarta (18/12) PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk had provided assistance funds totaling RP. 387 million and Micro Small Business (UMK) loan assistance of Rp. 165 million for the Tresno Jasa Park in Dukuh Hamlet in Wijimulyo Village, Kulon Progo Regency, Yogyakarta.

Kulon Progo Regent Drs. Sutedjo, Chairman of the DPRD Akhid Nuryati, Jasa Marga Corporate Communication & Community Development Group Head Dwimawan Heru, and General Manager Representative Office 2 Jasamarga Transjawa Tollroad Regional Division Dwimawan Heru attended the inauguration ceremony of Jasa Marga Tresno Park in Kulon Progo, Indonesia.

During his speech, Sutedjo grateful toward Jasa Marga toward their efforts for improving the lives of people of Kulon Progo, including their assistance with the Dusun Dukuh Village Program, the construction of the Tresno Jasa Park, and most recently, the establishment of the Dusun Dukuh Village Center.

Dukuh Hamlet has become one of the leading suppliers of longan fruit in the Yogyakarta Special Region. ‘’ On behalf of the residents of Kulon Progo, I would like to thank you and hopefully that this collaboration between Jasa Marga and the Dusun Dukuh fostered village can expand to other parts of Kulon Progo in the future,’’ said Sutedjo, who added that he hoped this collaboration would be spread to other parts of Kulon Progo.

Tresno Jasa Marga Park is a new tourist attraction in Yogyakarta that carries the concept of a colorful tourist park and offers views of the Progo River, inclusive of several interesting spots for selfies and venues for weddings and other events.

Since 2017, Jasa Marga’s Development Partner, Wijimulyo Village in Kulon Progo, has been focusing on longan cultivation programs and the development of argotech tourism villages in the area, which tourist can also visit in the same area.

Assistance for longan seeds and agricultural equipment, the construction of the Jasa Marga Tresno Park and the distribution of working capital to MSEs totaled Rp 1.158 billion for Dukuh Hamlet until 2021. Assistance was also given to Dukuh Hamlet when it became a COVID-19 red zone.

Jasa Marga also held the handover of the Majaksingi Village Economic Center (Balkondes), which is located in Majaksingi Village, Magelang, Central Java on the same day.

Moh. Hasim stated that the presence of Jasa Marga in the community of Majaksingi Village resulted in a significant improvement in the community. If you compare it to the other balcondes in the Borobudur tourist area, Majaksingi Balkondes is one of the best, and it has always been a favorite of tourist visiting Borobudur, grateful to the attention that Jasa Marga has provided over the years.

‘’On behalf of all residents of Majaksingi Village, I would like to express our gratitude to Jasa Marga for the handover that took place today. According to Muh. Hasim, ‘’The existence of Balkondes Majaksingi is unquestionably a source of pride for our villagers, and it also opens up new job opportunities for the community and contributes to the improvement of the village economy.’’

Balkondes Majaksingi, a new tourist village destination located not far from Borobudur Temple, offers a unique natural beauty of the unspoiled countryside with view of the foot of Mount Menoreh and an incredible landscape. As one of the new tourist village destinations, Balkondes Majaksingi offers a unique natural beauty of the unspoiled countryside with views of the foot of Mount Menoreh and an amazing landscape.

Balkondes Majaksingi is located in Majaksingi Village, which is also a target village for Jasa Marga in terms of becoming a tourist destination. Inclusive of its balcondes, Majaksingi is also well known for its distinctive coffee characteristics, which are currently being promoted through training programs in coffee cultivationand organic coffee processing.

Various programs, beginning with coaching, were conducted for residents of Kerug Batur Hamlet, Majaksingi Village, ranging from the construction of production houses, nursery houses, sorting houses, drying and soaking buildings, to the construction of harvesting warehouses.

Dwimawan Heru, Head of the Corporate Communication and Community Development Group at Jasa Marga, explained that the two locations of the CSR program are evidence of Jasa Marga’s commitment for improving social welfare and the quality of the environment, particularly in Central Java and Yogyakarta through participation in these initiatives. 

According to Heru, ‘’ With Jasa Marga’s presence within the community, both in Majaksingi Village and Dukuh Hamlet, hopefully that it will contribute for improving the welfare of the residents of Majaksingi and Dusun Dukuh. On the other hand, its generating new tourism potential for communities around the Balkondes Majaksingi area and Tresno Park. ‘’Moreover, stated that with the transfer of Balkondes Majaksingi and Tresno Park. Hopefully, the role of the community in the surrounding area will be more effective, and that the two locations will be given a new lease on life.

Jasa Marga also contributes to the development of environmentally friendly city infrastructure. This is accomplished through the harmonization and empowerment of local residents. Inclusive of a variety of programs aimed for increasing skills and productivity, thereby achieving self-reliance and raising the overall standard of living for the community members.

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