Environtmental Awareness

In planning the development of toll road, since the beginning of toll road development in Indonesia, Jasa Marga has always conducted AMDAL (Environmental Impact Analysis) for all of its toll road projects. AMDAL activity is carried out before, during and after construction when toll road is already operated.

With AMDAL, Jasa Marga helps the local government to rearrange the planning of construction and development of toll road surrounding area. Furthermore, AMDAL review is also usable for finding the solution to minimizing the negative impact of a toll road development project.

In carrying out AMDAL of its toll road projects, Jasa Marga has always involved community leaders in the socialization process and in consulting with the society surrounding the project or those impacted by toll road project.

Several AMDAL impact in toll road development, among others, providing forntpage, providing underpasses, pedestrian bridges, and facilities of water soil management.

Efforts in Environmental Conservation

Toll Road Forestation

Jasa Marga's toll road forestation program is a tree-planting program that is carried out sustainably. The forestation program both along side of toll roads as well as in other areas indicates Jasa Marga's awareness of the environment especially that surrounding toll roads.

Planting trees helps to reduce the exhaust emission from vehicles. This program is also part of the Company's efforts to provide comfort to the toll road users when driving through toll roads.

To conduct the forestation program, the Company has also cooperated with different parties. The Company provides spaces on toll road corridor to its business partners interested in participating in the forestation program as part of their awareness of environmental issues.

The forestation areas are available on the corridor of all toll road sections operated by Jasa Marga starting from Belawan-Medan-Tanjung Morawa Section to the eastern part i.e. Surabaya-Gempol Section. In 2010, Jasa Marga has planted approximately 319,360 trees at 113.17 hectares of land with trees of many kinds such as Trembesi, Solomon Teak, Mahogany, Bintaro, Oleander, Gamalina, Bougainvillea, etc.

Solid Waste Management in Toll Road Surroundings

One of the issues commonly occurred in toll road surrounding is people littering in the surrounding areas. Realizing the above condition, Jasa Marga has shown its awareness by giving away garbage trolleys and establishing temporary waste collection centers to be used by people living in the toll road surrounding so that people do not litter and that they take part in preserving the surroundingenvironment.

Apart from the abovementioned facilities, the community in toll road surrounding also receive counseling in order that they always realize the importance of maintaining clean environment by not littering.

In addition to facilitating the community to keep the environment clean, Jasa Marga also routinely organizes the cleaning up of rivers located within a radius of several hundred meters of toll road sections. This initiative is intended to make the water flows smoothly as the rivers are free from waste.

During the year 2010, the Company has spent Rp 386 million for assisting people living in toll road surrounding by providing public facilities and infrastructure including sanitary facilities.

Using Energy-Saving Lights

Several sections have already applied alternative power supply for street lighting. One of the sections for the pilot project is Cipularang (Cikampek-Purwakarta-Padalarang) Section.

Along the Cipularang Section, there are currently 190 units installed for public street lighting. The energy saving effort will soon be followed by Jasa Marga's other toll road sections.